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The Superior Durability of Metalphoto®

Trusted for over 50 years by organizations such as the United States Armed Forces, NASA, Caterpillar, and Boeing for identification in their demanding industries, Metalphoto is a photosensitive anodized aluminum. It features a sub-surface image that has the fine detail resolution to support barcodes and QR codes of any symbology, and that offers unparralled resistance against damage from abrasion, weather, chemicals, corrosion and UV exposure.

Why Trust Camcode?

Founded in 1979, Camcode® is a recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of durable pre-printed bar code labels and customized services for asset-tracking applications utilizing automatic identification and data capture. 

Trusted by the leaders in a variety of different industries all over the world, Camcode’s extensive collection of tailored services includes project management, data management and uniquely engineered identification products to deliver a completely personalized asset tracking solution. 

What Makes Camcode Asset Labels Better?

Camode's rigid metal and foil asset labels are created a proprietary anodized aluminum substrate known as Metalphoto.  This design offers many cost saving features including:

  • Suprior resistance to harsh environment effects, including UV, abrasion, chemicals, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

  • Ability to support a unique code and letter/number combination on every tag with no character limits

  • Tags that last over 30 years outdoors without fading or degredation.

“We needed the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of tags. It was necessary to have an asset tag that could withstand the outdoor elements, yet was simple enough to meet basic tracking needs. We achieved both with Camcode’s asset tags.”

Scott L.

Secure assets and property with durable labels:

  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Polyester and Vinyl 
  • Variety of Adhesives and Attachment Methods 
  • For Indoor, Outdoor, Heavy-Duty, Industrial Uses 
  • Abrasion, UV, High-Heat, Corrosion and Chemical Resistant